Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back from Denver....finally!

Denver was awesome! The challenge was fun, our cake turned out really cool, and we had a blast with all of the other competitors. Our kitchen was next to Mike McCarey's from Mikes Amazing Cakes, and seriously we wish we could have just watched him work the whole time instead of making our cake. The man is a robot. A robot that can make amazing mind blowing cakes.We had a blast with Lauren and Roland too-There was a half time group hug which I am sure they will not air for the show, but overall this was the most fun I have had at any cake challenge!

It just so happened that the day after challenge, Denver got hit with the biggest snow storm of the year. Over 20" of snow! We got snowed in to our hotel, our flight cancelled, but we made it back a day late. Our team of employees did a fantastic job holding down the fort. It was a busy week and we are glad to be back home. It was the first time we returned back from Denver from a challenge that our car was not snowed in at the airport.

The show will air sometime in late summer. It is going to be the most viewed cake challenge ever on the Food Network because of the Sesame Street theme. We were really honored to be part of it and cant wait to see it air. We will feature Cookie Monster cupcakes the week of the air date and they will be sure to turn your mouths blue!

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