Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 year anniversary at Laplace!!!

We have been so busy, that we completly forgot that it is our 2 year anniversary today! We officially opened our company back in 2006, but 2 years ago this day we opened our doors at Laplace and had our grand opening. It amazes me how time flies-we started the company when we were 27 and I cant believe we are about to be the big 3-0 in a couple months ! Our grand opening seriously was probably the last time Lauren and I dressed up for something since we are usually in frosting covered chef coats for most of the time now. I remember when it was just the two of us working into the night(and morning) making all the buttercream, baking all the cakes, waiting on customers, decorating all the cakes, and the list goes on...I do not know how we did it and kept going on absolutely no sleep, no time off, horrible diets and complete stress 24/7. Now we are moving away from having such late nights, the stress is getting better and we have a full staff of over 15 people to help us.
Happy Anniversary-heres to many more years!


  1. Everytime I eat something from your shop it is just CRAZY to think you've only been open 3 years. From the taste of the cake, to the texture of the frosting, to your kind manner with customers, you seem like seasoned pros.

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