Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Weekend!15 footer train, Food Network Party and Debut!

 This was quite a week for us at The White Flower Cake Shoppe. A few all-nighters to create a magnificent train cake, a party at our shop on Sunday that made us feel the love from our customers, and ending the night with watching The Food Network Challenge at Aunt Deb's house with family and friends made us feel spectacular! Thank you to everyone who came out sunday to support us, and we hope that the cupcakes didn't stain your mouths too blue!

The train cake below was a project of epic proportions. A customer ordered this special train cake for his mothers 90th birthday celebration sunday at Landerhaven. I have to say this is one of our best and most special creations we have ever made. Lauren and Matt worked hours and hours on all of the detail that went into this cake. Each box car represented a decade of Lil's life-From the time of her childhood when she picked grapes, to her motherhood years of raising her kids, groovy times in the sixties, and  of course all the 85 photos of her friends that were cut out and placed in the windows. Everything was completely edible, and hand painted by Lauren and Matt. 
To see more detailed photos, go to our friend Rob's website and see his amazing pics-Thanks for coming out sunday Rob and documenting this special cake for us!

On a side note, we are going back to do another cake challenge at the end of August-this time, Lauren will bravely go by herself, and have a mystery client and mystery assistant for the show. Make sure you stop in and wish her luck!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food Network Sesame Street Challenge-Airing July Sunday 26!!!

Stop in to the shop this Sunday July 26 from 12-4pm and receive a free Cookie Monster Cupcake with any purchase over $5. We will be sampling cakes and brownies, and offering complimentary Caribou Coffee(and juice for the kids!) Stop in and Celebrate our 2nd Food Network appearance!!!